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Best Female Jungle DJ 2015

Thank you to everyone who voted for me! My little speech consisted of shouts to Rap who of course gave me the opportunity to remix Spiritual Aura, to Dazee & Euphonique & all the ladies in our scene - and of course to all the pioneers who have paved the way for us to be able to do what we do!

Good to see Serial Killaz, Bladerunner - Potential Badboy & massive respect to General Levy, Navigator & Ray Keith - Grooverider - K Jah - it's great to say thank you face to face for years of great music - and all the ravers out tonight who I spoke to, Tina, Missy P etc... Salute ! 

 A full list of nominees and winners can be found here.

Held at the famous Qube club in Victoria London, the awards were presented by a host of legendary artists. Mine by General Levy and Navigator.

These were the first awards & I remember when the first DNB awards launched after AC but what a success & promoters have done well, looking forward to supporting next year! Get involved!