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Sigma & Diztortion

I've also been fond of our Sigma boys. Cameron and Joe are two very down to earth producers who have gone from humble underground dnb nights, which I've had the pleasure of playing with them on in Bristol / Birmingham (and so on) to now being worldwide superstars.

Ok, they still follow me on twitter which makes me really smile (as unlike some underground to world famous superstars who don't anymore) and being on their promo mail outs give me the opportunity to hear new Sigma stuff ahead of everyone else.

I will of course, always scream and shout about Sigma, as not only do they make great music but the kind attitudes they have towards our dnb scene and our ravers makes me not only feel warm inside, but reminds me why we have such a great music scene. Attitudes mean a lot to me. 

This is a very commercial track, so you won't find me playing it at our underground dnb nights or in my jungle sets, but you will certainly have me playing it at Uni gigs, bars and pubs I play at and of course, loud in my car when Radio 1 have it on. 

Check out their latest offering with Diztortion. Redemption Featuring Jacob Banks. You can buy it here on iTunes.

Sigma Twitter Here.