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ANGREE is a Drum&Bass DJ/Producer, notorious for playing mostly Neurofunk, Neurotech and Techstep. Full interview here : On top of flawless mixing, she is also completely capable of versatility within her sets. Originally hailing from Moscow, Russia - though currently residing in New York City, US - she started spinning in 2007, and has since played alongside well known DJ’s such as Bad Company UK, Dom&Roland, The Sect, Tech Itch, Prolix, Serial Killaz, Dose, Raiden, Vicious Circle, EBK, Fierce, Trace, DJ SS, Kenny Ken, Dylan, Audio, Robyn Chaos, The Prototypes, Cooh and many more. In 2012 made #23 on the TOP-100 DnB DJs in the world, according to Promodj, one major source out of Asia/Europe. In 2013 was #9 on the TOP-100 Neurofunk DJs in the world, according to the same source. AnnGree is currently signed on our very own Sliced Note Recordings, Rogue Beatz,Dangerous New Age Recordings, Live And Dangerous, also with releases on Suspect Device (Italy), Mindstorm Records (USA) and Respect Records (Russia).